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There's no such thing as "free delivery". We pride ourselves on providing the best possible delivery experience at the lowest cost to you. When you see those words, chances are the actual cost of the delivery has been "baked into" the price of the merchandise. At Kassa Mall Furniture we are transparent.

A storage fee of 2% of the total order amount per month will be charged to the credit card for the purchase if delivery is not accepted within 30 days after notice of availability of merchandise for delivery. If you fail to accept delivery for 90 days after notice of availability of merchandise for delivery, at our sole option and at any time thereafter, we may cancel your order and refund your payment less any unpaid storage fees and a 15% service and handling fee.


When does Kassa Mall Furniture make deliveries?

With the exception of Wednesdays and Sundays, we deliver throughout the city of Houston between the hours of 10am and 8pm, daily. 

What time will my furniture be delivered?

Once your delivery date is confirmed we will provide a 4-hour time frame for you to expect your delivery to arrive at your home. All delivery time frames are estimates and no specific time can be guaranteed. In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible and continue delivering low prices to all of our customers, we route our drivers with the most fuel efficient route possible and no preferred order of delivery can be guaranteed. 

What will occur before my delivery?

Should you be unable to accept the furniture the appointed date, please notify our Customer Service Department and we will discuss the next available date for delivery with you at that time. Once an order has left our warehouse for delivery the next day, no changes to the delivery or delivery time can be made. Should you need to reschedule a delivery after it has left our warehouse for any unforeseen circumstance, another delivery fee will be charged to you.

Will your delivery team contact me to let me know when they’ll arrive?

Yes. During the day of delivery our drivers will provide a courtesy call or text message to you at least 30 minutes prior to arriving at your home. Should you not be home when our delivery team arrives, we are happy to allow a 30-minute grace period for you to arrive at your home. We understand Houston can be a tough place to commute, so please notify us as soon as possible about any delays that may occur in your schedule. 

If for any reason you will be later than 30 minutes, our delivery team will move on to their next scheduled delivery for the day and your delivery will have to be rescheduled for a later date and an additional delivery charge will assessed to you. All redeliveries are subject to a re-delivery fee, even if the delivery fee was waived at the time of purchase. 

What if I receive a wrong order or item?

If incorrect items are delivered or your order is incomplete, contact us and we will make it right. Call Customer Care at (281)377-8547, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. & Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Can the delivery team take away my existing furniture?

Unfortunately, we cannot. However, there are many nonprofit organizations that will gladly come to your home and remove the furniture at no charge.Due to liability issues, we cannot hoist merchandise, set up lamps, hang pictures or mirrors on walls, make electrical connections or move existing furniture, electronics, televisions, etc. 


Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing before coming to our warehouse to pick-up your furniture. please wait until you hear from a Kassa Mall representative before heading to our warehouse to pick-up your items. At times some items may be out of stock and we would hate for you to make arrangements to pick up an item that is not in stock. Online orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

What do I need to bring with me when picking up my item/items?

When you arrive at the pick-up location, we will require that you have proper identification; driver's license and a copy of your sales order. You MUST have the credit card used for your online order and your driver’s license matching the name on the order or else your items WILL NOT BE RELEASED. No exceptions.

You are expected to come with a vehicle that can safely transport your furniture, and you must bring rope and padding or other packing material.

 Will someone be able to help me load my items?

Associates may assist in loading customer merchandise but we reserve the right to refuse assistance where it may result in injuries or property damage.

 **Be sure to inspect your purchase for any visible signs of defect prior to departing the store. Once picked up, if you discover damages to your merchandise, you must notify store personnel within 24 hours of taking possession of the merchandise and arrange to bring your merchandise to the store for service or exchange


What if my furniture is damaged or defective?

If during delivery your merchandise or property has been damaged, you must notify store personnel within 24 hours of the date of delivery by e-mail at If during or after you have picked-up your furniture you discover damages to your merchandise, you must notify store personnel within 24 hours of the date of delivery of taking possession of the merchandise. Customers that pick-up merchandise from the store are required to return the merchandise to the store for service or exchange.


Layaway Payments

Payments will be divided and scheduled into three payments, which will be due at the 30, 60 and 90-day dates. Your payments are not auto draft and must be made manually. Our Layaway department will be sending email reminders periodically. On the day that you provide us with your final payment we will schedule your delivery date for you. 

Layaway Cancellation

If you decide to cancel at any time your order is subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the full retail value of the product at the time the product was placed. If your order is a special order there is NO REFUND AND NO CANCELLATION (in your receipt it will be marked as special order). Cancellations due to a product being out-of-stock are not subject to the cancellation fee. However, refunds will be issued as store credit to be applied towards another purchase. 

Visit a local store or call us at (281) 377-8547 to start your price lock for the furniture you love!

  • This policy does not guarantee availability of the merchandise
  • Your purchase must be a minimum of $500 with a 10% down payment
  • Payments of 10% of the original invoice total must be made each month


A simple application is filled out using our link, which then is submitted to the financing company for approval.  Applications are approved instantly or denied. If additional information is required, the financing company will deliver a response within 10 minutes from the time the completed information is submitted.

What are the requirements to qualify for the "No Credit Needed" program?

You must be 18 years or older, have a steady and re-occurring source of income of at least $800 per month and maintain an open, active and stable checking account. "No Credit Needed" does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness. We may check credit history and creditworthiness, but no established FICO score or credit history is necessary.

Can a customer use an ITIN?

Yes, an ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number issued by the federal government for non-citizens working and paying taxes in the US. 

Does a customer have to have a job to apply?

No we accept different forms of income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Self Employment. 

What if a customer has bad credit or filed for Bankruptcy in the past?

They can still get approved. We do check credit. However, we do not require credit history in order to be approved. 

Can a co-applicant and the applicant use the same checking account?


Can I cancel an order placed through any of the financial partners?

If an order placed through any of our financing partners is cancelled within the first 24 hours, 15% of the total order amount will be charged as restocking fee. No cancellations are allowed 24 hours after placing an order through any of our financing partners

What is an ACH Authorization?

An ACH Authorization is your verbal or written instructions that allows us to electronically withdraw a specified amount or money from a bank account on an agreed upon day.

More Questions? Contact us at (281) 377-8547 or