Wabi-Sabi decoration style

Wabi-Sabi decoration style

16th Nov 2022 - by Isabella Galvez

what is the wabi-sabi style?

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that focuses on the beauty of imperfection. It's about embracing the natural flow of life, and finding beauty in the simple, imperfect things that surround us.

How does the wabi-sabi style brings peace to your house?

abi-sabi has a calming effect on your home, because it encourages you to embrace the natural flow of life and find beauty in the imperfections around you. The colors are muted and earthy, while the furniture is often rough-hewn or handcrafted, making it feel warm and welcoming.


It's characterized by a love of natural materials and simple shapes—think wood and stone over plastic and glass—and it often uses muted colors like gray or white with accents of black or blue.


The key to making this look work for you is to focus on textures rather than patterns: think soft fabrics like silk or wool over stiffer ones like denim or tweed; use natural stones as accents instead of painted ones; let wood take center stage instead of metal or plastic; and try painting furniture with matte finishes rather than glossy ones.